Vvseli Releases Visual For ‘Come With Me’

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Vvseli Releases Visual For ‘Come With Me’

Vvseli was destined to be in the music game. His name was inspired by VVS diamonds in the sense that they shine like stars, and he knows he is going to be a star one day. He currently resides in the Bay Area, where he writes his own music. His sound can be described as rap and hip-hop, with a touch of R&B. But, Vvseli doesn’t just rap. He can also sing, dance, and play multiple instruments!

If you take a listen to his new single, “Come With Me,” you can clearly hear his musical inspirations put into play! With a catchy beat, a fun hook, and a great voice, there is no way you wouldn’t vibe with the song. He definitely gives us those Tory Lanez, summer night vibes, with relatable lyrics like, “Can you come with me? I just wanna rock with somebody.” This is a song you’ll want to hear at a BBQ, the beach, or if you’re just chillin’ with your friends on a Sunday Funday. 

Vvseli wants to make sure his music brings a vibe that just makes people feel good. He also wants to be an inspiration to his fans and strives to be a role model to the younger generation. When asked what message he wants to share with his fans, he said “you can become whatever you want in life.”

During an interview with Vvseli, he shared that he made a promise to his late grandfather that he was going to be something special one day. Given his undeniable talent, passion, and commitment to his music career, we have no doubt that he is on his way to the top.

Stay on the look out as Vvseli is dropping his first EP called It’s Me very soon.

You can check out his music on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music!

Find him on:

  • Instagram: @itsvvseli
  • Twitter: @itsvvseli
  • Snapchat: therealbuck11
  • TikTok: itsvvseli

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