vara Shares Intimate & Introspective Hit “paranoia”

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vara Shares Intimate & Introspective Hit “paranoia”

Edgy singer-songwriter vara is back with perhaps their most introspective hit yet “paranoia”. A banger from beginning to end, “paranoia” shares vulnerable thoughts through a danceable tune, that so many people will be able to relate to. Signed with Kefe Records, vara comes equip with a team. Their mainstream pop sound and unmistakable emo-edge creates wide appeal, while still remaining uniquely themself. In “paranoia”, the young artist introduce themes like depression and a relatable wrestling with one’s mental health. Ever since the pandemic, we’ve heard many artists come forward, talking about their difficult journey’s with mental health. vara’s is no exception – vara’s infectious social media presence has garnered them the attention of tens of thousands of fans from around the world. But happiness doesn’t always go hand in hand with attention; in “Paranoia”, vara claims that everybody tells them that they’re not okay and admittedly, that might be the case – but what if they feel better that way?

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