Trilly The Sound Of The West

On Air and TV Host

Trilly The Sound Of The West

The handsome socialite, the life of the party, the king of fun “Trilly” born and raised in Los Angeles. A well known social figure in the industry really lives the life that people dream about. Trilly started doing music at the beginning of 2019 traveling all around the world, played pro ball overseas and eventually decided to dedicate his future to rap. Coming from a strong background he’s majorly influenced by his parents and Nigerian Culture. Trilly manages to convey his message to the world through his music “ Hard Work pays off and cheat codes work”. Still in the process of dropping singles and working on his ep, “Trilly” has collaborated with Tory Lanez & Joe Moses with many more features to come. Trilly is the ultimate package and his music speaks for itself. Stay tuned for more of Trilly coming soon. “Don’t block your blessings”

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