Tiffany Trueblood Sings To Heal Others

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Tiffany Trueblood Sings To Heal Others

Tiffany Trueblood aka Red Tail Songbird is an artist from North Carolina who gained her love for music growing up singing in the church. She knew at age 4 that she was meant to sing when she used to beg her mother to give her the chance to sing in the church choir. Her name Tiffany Trueblood is the name given to her at birth and Red Tail Songbird is her indigenous Native American name given to her by a Cherokee Ketowah Chief named Chief Windwalker. Tiffany sings many different styles such as Jazz, Classical, Pop, Reggae, Neo-Soul which gives her the opportunity to show her versatility. You could describe her sound as emotional, soulful, sensual, and sometimes playful. 

When asked where do you draw your inspiration from when you are working on new music,  Tiffany responded “Painful and unjust life experiences that I strive to learn and grow from or loving experiences that I embrace. My growth is reflected in my music. It’s self-work and healing I’ve actually done in my life and continue to do as life continues to happen.”

Aside from making music, Tiffany is a holistic practitioner (a Certified Herbalist and a Reiki Master). She recently released her single “Wake Up” and is currently working on her project, “Awakening.” You can check out her music on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: tiffany_trueblood

YouTube: Tiffany Trueblood – Red Tail Songbird

3 Responses

  1. I love it! This is a wonderful and beautiful song presented it in a wonderful and beautiful way. Wishing you the best Tiffany. One Love, Nkosi

  2. Barbara Laing says:

    This is absolutely beautiful

  3. Paula Akinlabi says:

    Beautifully done..perfect subject matter for this space in time we are occupying.. Very proud of you and your continuous growth..”STAY WOKE “
    Peace and Blessings

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