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Written By: Cassandra Wilkins

Hip-Hop musician HATARAQQ uses vibrations to begin his creative process when creating his music and compares the process to the Disney film ‘Ratatouille’.

“I start my creative process with an internal seeking of vibrations, I use my mind’s internal ear/eye and try to articulate the sounds and grooves that come in the form of sounds, cadence, color, and emotion that splash like onamonapias in my head. I call it Soundsplash. Very similar to the way the mouse in “Ratatouille” describes his sense of smell,” Hataaraqq said. 

He also draws inspiration for his music from his own unique life experiences.

“I got my name from an 80’s sci-fi movie, ‘DUNE’. It was the first movie I remember sitting down and watching from beginning to end with my father. Sci-fi is his favorite genre of film; and to sit and hear him explain what was happening in the movie was so exciting it left an impression on me till this day.”

The artist produces his own beats and is currently publishing his music on his Instagram platform. 

“Being a musician, I enjoy the process of creating. I like to see something come out of nothing and feel honored to be involved in the process,” HATARAQQ said “I have some beats that are very much connected to strong emotions that were made during some of the toughest times of my life.”

He has developed his own senses of musical style and is inspired by other artists.

“When working on new music I draw inspiration from the artist’s lyrics, personality, and requested direction. When working on my own music the inspiration comes from the sole pursuit of a groovy funk bliss,” HATARAQQ said.

He is currently in the process of producing and developing his next album.

“Working on an album now. I have put out many examples of my style of beats over the past years. Did my first EP ‘Life at the Movies’ posted on Soundcloud, and continue to drop works on my Instagram page. I appreciate all my works and I don’t per se have a favorite, I enjoy when I hear the element of my sound collage and groove in different projects no matter what direction the music goes,” HATARAQQ said.

For more information and to listen to his music you can also find him on his website, Facebook, and Youtube.

Instagram: hataraqqmusic

YouTube: Hataraqq Music

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