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Kayoh LA: The Go Getter

In today’s era where concerts are non existent there are many artists who are still on the rise to finding their success. There are very few talents that manage to capture an audience and use it to their advantage. With Kayoh LA, he manages just to make it happen.  Hailing from Lynwood, CA and now residing…
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T-Divinci Is The Female Rapper Who’s Next Up

Seriously, T-Divinci breathes fire ever time she spits beats. She channels her inner Lil Kim and shows her melodic chops with her recent single “I Miss You,” which proves her ability to appeal to teens and adults alike with its subject matter of heartbreak, moving on, and missing someone. For those who are not familiar with…
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Cam Carter Says Fans Can Expect Versatility From Upcoming Projects

Upcoming artist Cam Carter says that growing up in the hood has influenced and shaped his sound as a versatile hip-hop artist today. In a recent interview, Carter reveals how everything he has been through has played a role in everything he does now. He doesn’t try to make his music fit into a specific…
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