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T-Divinci Is The Female Rapper Who’s Next Up

Seriously, T-Divinci breathes fire ever time she spits beats. She channels her inner Lil Kim and shows her melodic chops with her recent single “I Miss You,” which proves her ability to appeal to teens and adults alike with its subject matter of heartbreak, moving on, and missing someone. For those who are not familiar with…
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Pilly M.A.E. Sets Herself Apart From The Crowd

Independent artist Pilly M.A.E. is getting ready to take the industry by storm. Tonight at midnight, Pilly fans can look forward to a new release. “Like It, Like It” is Pilly Mae’s newest upcoming track and she’s ready to show people what she’s capable of. The new single is sure to show off Pilly’s talents…
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Bia Unleashes “Free Bia (1st Day Out)”

Undeniably one of the hottest female rappers out! You may of heard her song with Russ “Best On Earth” not to mention is certified gold!!!! This is only the beginning for this young queen. On this record Bia opens up how she really feels about the politic’n that goes on in the industry behind the…
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