T the Pharaoh Gets Melodic in His Music

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T the Pharaoh Gets Melodic in His Music

T the Pharaoh is an upcoming artist who was born in Africa and currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin. His style is melodic and resonating. If you’re looking for music for a certain occasion, vibe or mood, that is T the Pharaoh’s music in full. His music journey started playing instruments at a young age and his love grew fonder as he got older.

When asked what he enjoys most about being a musician, T the Pharaoh responded “Getting to take an idea for inside your head and making it come to life is as close to pure creation as you can get. The only downside is if you make it big sometimes you lose the freedom to make anything you want and have to start making stuff that you know will sell in order to continue growing.”

Aside from the music he has released with his group ‘Young Vets’, The Pharaoh has released two projects, Pharaoh Files and Pharaoh Files 2. He is currently working on collaborating with other artists and you can stream his music on all platforms!

Instagram: kingtuunge

YouTube: T the Pharaoh

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