Stand-Out Alternative Artist Cam Avery Releases New Single “Trouble”

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Stand-Out Alternative Artist Cam Avery Releases New Single “Trouble”

Cam Avery, from Los Angeles-known band “Bassictheband,” has now broken off as a solo, independent, Alternative artist! He describes his sound as, “Alternative Funky-Beach Rock, with hints of Pop and R&B.” His grungy, yet simple style and sound derive from his Los Angeles roots. Cam Avery was destined to be an entertainer and wants to use his past experiences to help inspire others in a positive light. The artist strives to become someone as powerful as Bob Marley, Madonna, or Prince, who advocated for music and love. He is an artist who, “…would rather have 50 hardcore, sentimental fans, compared to 500 normal day to day listeners.”

Keep reading to find out how Cam Avery stands out from other dream-chasers:

Where do you accredit your passion of music coming from?

My passion for music was always something inside me. As a toddler, my dad would play heavy metal rock while I was strapped in the car seat, and I would beg for him to make it louder. I can feel melodies in my head being produced every millisecond. It’s a blessing. I feel like I have a lot to share with the world. 

When did you realize you wanted to pursue music professionally?

I have been an entertainer since day one. From making bands with my preschool friends to being the star of every play/musical in elementary school, I was born to entertain in some sort of way. I have acted in many recent music videos for my old band, but eventually I do see myself taking acting more seriously, and taking it to higher and greater levels. 

Which artists currently inspire you, musically?

My top 3 artists I look up to the most, currently, would have to be Dominic Fike, The Strokes, and Tame Impala. Those three artists have had a massive influence on my creation of the sound I’ve been honing onto recently. 

What or who are your biggest inspirations?

My experiences I’ve had throughout my life are the biggest inspirations to me. My sound comes from a place that only I can feel. I make a song about a feeling or an event that has happened to me, and someone else can relate to that feeling or event in a completely different way. That’s what life is all about- sharing your experiences and stories with one another and seeing how they interpret it for themselves.

Have there been any life-changing experiences that have impacted your music?

My dad had walked out on my family when I was 12. He suffered with Bipolar disorder and alcoholism. I do as well, actually. It was heartbreaking and mentally exhausting. My mom lost all her credit and we were forced to move in with my aunt and uncle- 11 people in a somewhat big house, but we always made it work. I turned to poetry, music, and unfortunately I turned to vices. I would take any sort of way out of reality. Those years as a teenager for me were cloudy at times, but I feel like I expanded my mind more than I ever could’ve without the push of my father leaving me. My dad is my motivation for striving to be better always. My mom is my motivation for striving to be as humble and great as she is.

What goals have you made for yourself, career-wise?

I want to have an impact on everyone. Anyone that feels stuck or feels lost can always come to my music for support. I want to make a difference with my art. As soon as my music career takes off, I want to start a foundation to help spread awareness for music and all art through the youth around the world. Art is the gateway to pure enlightenment. Oh, and I want to buy my mom and dad a house when I’m successful, duh!

What makes you different from other up and coming artists?

What makes me stand out from the other million dream chasers out there is that I know where I stand. I, unlike most people in my generation, am not distracted by the superficial things in life. I care about things in a different way than others. I don’t want to be rich and famous because thats the easy lifestyle everyone dreams of. I want everything that comes with success, but in my own manner- never to gloat or to prove to my superiors that I’m more successful, but to show the world that I’m humble for my gifts I’ve been given.

Cam Avery just released his latest single TODAY! “Trouble” can be found on all streaming platforms. He plans to release the visual for this single on June 12th! Although no album is in the works yet, he says he has so much more music that he is ready for the world to grasp onto.

Get ready for more from Cam Avery!

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