Smrf Drops Melodic New Track “Need Somebody”

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Smrf Drops Melodic New Track “Need Somebody”

Smrf is an independent artist from Louisana who is destined to pit his city on the map. He creates music that is based on his upbringing and life experiences. The 23-year-old has always had an ear for music always knew he wanted to do it since he was younger. You could describe his sound as soothing and good for the soul while delivering funky, melodic, wavy vibes.

When asked where does he draw inspiration from when creating new music, Smrf responded “I draw my inspiration from any and everywhere as long as I relate to it and feel it could be about me about you about them about it if I understand it and I relate it may be very well become the basis of my next song.”

What Smrf enjoys the most about being a musician is having the opportunity to connect with his listeners. Alongside being an artist, Smrf has his own clothing line called “Notyourgear” which is another passion of his. His latest track “Need Somebody” has received over 75,000 streams and you check it out on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: Yungsmrf 

YouTube: Yungsmrf Xx

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