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Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, rising rapper Young Energy strives to both change and represent West Coast rap for the better. His love for hip hop started at a young age; He described this stating, “I was always a deep thinker but never really knew how to use it in expression until I was in high school where I would practice my performances.” Energy attended a performing arts high school in downtown Los Angeles which produced famous alumni Doja Cat, Christina Cooper, Ashton Sanders, and more. Energy says he is next up in the line of success, being a perfectionist when in the studio.

The “Slurr” rapper writes his own tracks, wanting to paint a picture within every lyric and verse. He writes a lot based on what he has seen growing up in Los Angeles over the years. Additionally, he is quite passionate about the city and wanting LA to become a better area. “I haven’t given back to the community just yet, but whatever the city of Los Angeles needs to help against the violence or helping those in need, I am here for my city no matter what…” Energy later discussed how LA has such a wide range of talent, but due to territorial differences, race differences, and overall competition with each other, the west coast rap scene is not as united as it should be. “…we need to work together to get back to the top of the pinnacle where west coast rap is supposed to be”

Outside of LA, Energy also feels as though music in general is not bringing enough substance to the table. He described how his music has subliminal messages, prolific and profound artistry, and overall storytelling. “I’m here to paint the picture of my city where I’m from as well as tell a prophetic message to the next generation.”

Young Energy is currently under the G Star Muzik label and although has been around the industry, his manager King Cyrus is who gave him a chance at finding success. Using his resources, Energy feels as though people listen to his music because the lyrics make people take a step back, really analyze the deeper meaning, and want to change their lives.

While he has accomplished a lot as a west coast artist, Energy wants to spread his message worldwide stating, “In the next 5 years I want to be a global icon, period.” He also hopes to collaborate with artists more, his top three picks being Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Nas.

Photo from Young Energy’s Twitter

With all of this determination, the road still has not been easy for the rising rapper. His father passed away this year, leading him to want to continue his legacy and work hard in his memory. Young Energy remains persistent and productive in his craft, passing that advice onto his fans.

When following in his footsteps, he advises not to give up on your gifted talents no matter how difficult it becomes. “I don’t care if everyone is against you, the hatred is what I’d rather see because you have greatness in you; Never receive fake love.” In addition to this, he says to always be careful since not everyone is always a helping hand.

Currently, Energy is working on an ep, but has also reached out to fellow west coast artist KXNG D.O.P.E. in hopes to collaborate. In the meantime, be sure to check out his music and stay tuned for more of Young Energy!


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