Rashi B. Brings That Realness In Newest Project “Cuffin SZN”

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Rashi B. Brings That Realness In Newest Project “Cuffin SZN”

Rashi B. is an independent artist from Detriot who makes music that is inspitational and influential. His genre is Hip-Hop and Rap but he also channels into different vibes as well. You could describe his style as enjoyable to listen to and it has you on the edge of your seat for what is coming next.

When asked where does he draw inspiration from when working on new music, Rashi B. responded “I draw inspiration from what’s going on with me in my life and in the world. This pandemic has probably brought the best out of me as an artist and producer, I get inspired by peoples new music and old albums that are classics in my life. All different types of genres too.”

Rashi B. has released 5 singles, and an album. So far his project “While You Wait” is his favorite is definitely his favorite because it took three years to put together and it shows how the different phases of progression throughout his music.

What he personally enjoys the most about being an artist is being able to create and showcase his talent.  Rashi B. recently reseased his project “Cuffing SZN” on Valentine’s Day for the ladies. Be sure to check out the project available now on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: lyricallyeducated

YouTube: rashi b

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