Producer TOP-TIER Is Making His Way To The Top

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Producer TOP-TIER Is Making His Way To The Top

Independent Artist, Producer, and Engineer Top-Tier is far from the rest. The California artist strives for greatness, and it shows throughout his music. Whether he is creating his own music or helping a fellow artist, he gives it his all in everything that he does. What Top-Tier is most known for is for being a part of the Rap Duo “RTG.” Him and his brother D-Reck had a huge success with our song “Slay” Ft. Vivaswan. Their song went viral on Tiktok and gained upwards of 1.5 million videos made on the platform and about 43.2million views, and is still growing every day! This is just the beginning for Top-Tier so be sure to tap into his music if you have not already!  

Get to know more about him below.

Q: What is YOUR genre? 

A: Hmm, that’s a good question lol, I would have to say the genres I prefer are Hip-Hop & POP but, after YEARS of making music I would like to think I’m versatile enough to work in any one of them… I don’t think there’s any genre I can’t do at this point, and I mean that humbly, lol but to be honest I’m trying to make my own genre. The goals always been to be different 

Q: Do you have any other special talents, such as acting, etc.?

A: I’m not sure if engineering/mixing is a special talent but I would like to think it is after how hard it was to learn, lol. I am talking years, I have put my 10,000 hours in twice already! I also think I would be a pretty good actor honestly! My siblings and I used to role play all the time, I was obviously the Top-Tier one at it, lol and I would say modeling. I’d like to think I’m photogenic 

Q: When did you record your first record? 

A: I recorded my first song when I was 14, I recorded my first REAL song at the age of 18. I still have them both and yes they both suck, well to me lol.. I can’t wait to have the hottest record out because I’m releasing them shortly after so everyone can see where I started! I want them to see what consistency can do for you. 

Q: Who are the top 3 artists that you currently look up to? 

A: HMMM. Drake, Ty Dolla Sign for sure he’s cold! I rock with Tems heavy and I’m just going to throw one more in there KOFFEE. She is FIRE! 

IG: @iloveyoutoptier                                                

Facebook :@iloveyoutoptier                                              

YouTube Channel: @iloveyoutoptier                                            

TikTok: @iloveyoutoptier           

SnapChat: @iloveyoutoptier

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