Pentai: “Live Today Like It’s Your Last”

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Pentai: “Live Today Like It’s Your Last”

Written By: Jessica Oh

Pentai is a new, up-and-coming musician that strives to be an inspiration for good vibes. Currently promoting and increasing his fan base, Pentai is creating high goals and pushing himself to be at the top. His musical influences come from day-to-day experiences and thoughts from the past and the present. He looks at music like it is an art. He says, “The ability to express yourself and understand that there are no mistakes is what you need in order to gain knowledge and skill.” Pentai believes that sharing music is a gift of gratitude and support. 

This independent artist has one single out, and he will be releasing two more by the end of July. He says, “Although it might not be for everyone, I feel it is what everyone needs”. Pentai’s advice is to never quit, even if things get hard. He says, “You may not get the results you’re looking for right away, but you’ll get it all at the right time”. 

Pentai is working on many projects at the moment, and he is excited about what is to come. He hopes to be alive to watch his success overflow. Follow Pentai on Instagram @Petai._official and keep an eye out for his new music! 

YouTube: pentai

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