Odaingerous Streetwear Brand Announces Exclusive “Revenge” Collection with the “Tiger King”, Joe Exotic

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Odaingerous Streetwear Brand Announces Exclusive “Revenge” Collection with the “Tiger King”, Joe Exotic

Odaingerous Streetwear Brand Announces Exclusive “Revenge” Collection with the “Tiger King”, Joe Exotic | IssueWire

Odain Watson, Owner of Odaingerous a streetwear fashion brand based in Los Angeles California has partnered with Joe Exotic of the hit Netflix series “Tiger King” for a Limited-Edition Capsule Collection. Odaingerous has become the go-to brand for the most exclusive, unique and custom outerwear amongst celebrities, socialites and fashion glitterati. Centered around creating your reality and living in your truth, Odaingerous is about supporting diversity.

Odaingerous is currently gearing up for its next collection titled “REVENGE” with Joe Exotic as the face of a limited-edition capsule within the “REVENGE” collection. This “REVENGE” collection features images of Backstabbing, Betrayal, Fake Friends, & Success graphically designed with a signature streetwear approach, printed on T-Shirts, Hoodies and Joggers. The overall intention of the design of this collection is to open a dialogue on “REVENGE” and what that means to people on an individual level. Joe Exotic joins a long list of celebrities to wear Odaingerous including Lindsay Lohan, Remy Ma, Cameron Boyce, Soulja Boy, Carly Rae Jepsen, Christina Milian, Rico Nasty and many more.

Joe Exotic’s capsule will include a custom “JOE EXOTIC” graphic T-shirts, Hoodies & Joggers! The collection will also feature an exclusive Biker Jacket T-shirt featuring the king himself on the front with a tiger-striped lapel. Odaingerous offers the next generation of streetwear apparel that is bold, iconic, edgy and Odaingerously unapologetic, Joe Exotic embodies these traits and more.

This collaboration is sure to be one of the most talked-about collections of 2020, with fashion guru Odain Watson at the helm of Odaingerous, the addition of the limited-edition capsule has been specifically designed with Joe Exotic’s exuberant personality in mind. So many of the qualities in this collection aligned with the things Joe experienced on and off the show, Odaingerous shows the good, bad & the ugly side of “Tiger King” in this bold collection.

Backstabbing – “I went to work every day prepared to die in a tiger cage. Dying doesn’t scare me. At all .”

Betrayal- “They all got what they wanted, the Tiger King in jail, in a cage.”

Fake Friends- “We say no to drugs because drugs make your teeth fall out and you get really ugly and don’t have any friends.”

Success- “Does it feel good to stand on my stage with 500-pound tigers and everybody envy you? Absolutely.”

Fans can find the collection on the official Odaingerous website, www.Odaingerous.com.

The official launch is scheduled for May 15 2020 on odaingerous.com

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