NYC’s Wicked Willow Drops New Single “Crossin Rivers”

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NYC’s Wicked Willow Drops New Single “Crossin Rivers”

Taking a page from the books of late 1960’s and early 1970’s British classic rock, doom, and psychedelia, NYC power trio Wicked Willow steps confidently onto the scene with incredible in-studio footage of their latest fan favorite “Crossin’ Rivers”. Fast-paced and upbeat, “Crossin’ Rivers” carries strong poetic themes outlining a desperate search for that muse; that dream-lover who holds the power to inspire and uplift them on their journey forward in music. This relatable sense of longing described in the bands heart-on-sleeve story, pairs seamlessly with the intense riffs and powerful drum patterns inspired by hard rock and heavy metal. Artist Matt Glover soulfully belts captivating vocals alongside the skilled Phil Duke on bass and the expressive Elliot Kafton on drums.

“I’ve been running for what I need, Entertain me, baby, and believe in me // I swear there is no greater want in my being, than lovin’ sweetly – letting go of my steam.” ~ Crossin’ Rivers

Shot at Brooklyn’s Strange Weather studio, the band offers exclusive in-studio doc footage, showcasing them in their element. The search for that mystical object that will empower them to fruitfully prosper, is driven by their collective desire to leave their permanent mark on this earth. The life of a musician is a tumultuous journey, and these three are ready to take the next step on their path to success. In the studio, we witness a spark of true inspiration and the celebration of the very thing that brought them together. Musically, they are a perfect blend of energy, emotion, rebellion and organic expression that ropes you in from the very start. 

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