New Artist Alert! Say Hi To Rello Ranzano

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New Artist Alert! Say Hi To Rello Ranzano

Say Hello to one of the new upcoming artists Rello Ranzano!

Rello Ranzano is one of the local LA artists trying to make it big in the music industry. The versatile artist grew up in the Bahamas as he moved back and forth between his hometown and the states. Though Ranzano is only at the beginning of his career, he is confident he will make it big. While the artist is independent for the most part, he has signed with one record label, Wave Runnah Records.

“Where I want to be is at the top amongst the greats, and I know with time and work I will get there, and it won’t take that long because I never stop; I’m a thinker and very intuitive. I’m always focused on being better and better and better, and it never stops. I pay attention to everything. “

Ranzano’s image builds among fashionable trends such as playboy and desirability. Most of his music is based on experiences in life and being able to speak on the latest thoughts he has on his mind. Most of his musical inspiration comes from Wiz Kid, Bad Bunny, and Ed Sheeran, which he uses to strive to make pop and melodic types of music while also including afro-beats and hip-hop. 

While the artist is only at the beginning of his career, he hopes to become a “top-tier” artist and a business mogul. He says he sees himself “breaking records and doing things nobody has accomplished yet in such a short time.”

Currently, Ranzano has released five singles he writes himself alongside his music engineer, his best friend. He hopes to inspire people through his music by talking about relatable experiences and making sure people know they are not alone. 

During his time off from music, Ranzano enjoys spending time with his kids and on his own. After all, his biggest inspiration comes from himself and focusing on solutions to his problems. Ranzano also makes sure he always gives back to his home daily.

Relly Ranzano is set to release more singles and drop his summer rollout. His music is available to stream on all streaming services!

Youtube: rello ranzano
Instagram: relloranzano

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