NEMA’s Songwriter of the Year Sarah King Drops New Music

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NEMA’s Songwriter of the Year Sarah King Drops New Music

Sarah King is back with a vulnerable new A/B side single release! “Always an Almost” and “You Were Wrong About Me” are available on all streaming services now. Off the heels of her most recent EP “The Hour”, the new A/B side release shares a more uplifting message to document King’s latest life chapter. First up: “Always an Almost” introduces a vulnerable tale inspired by letting go of control so that we can fully embrace the uncontrollable things that happen to us in life. Inspired to embrace her own destiny, the hard-hitting ballad confronts fear of the unknown through catchy guitars and King’s signature vocals, creating an unforgettable Americana hit. Followed by “You Were Wrong About Me”, we are given White Stripes-inspired drum patterns and a sassy vocal delivery to inspire listeners to reach their full potential. The continuation of the narrative from “Always an Almost” offers a brilliant back to back heart-on-sleeve delivery to storylines that fans have been craving since her latest EP.

Learn more about Sarah King: All of the songs from her upcoming album reflect a lot more of the duality within us all rather than focusing on one aspect of our life experience. The stories she shares in song help listeners realize they’re not alone, whatever they may be facing or feeling, and they’ll get through it. Influenced by contemporary country artists like Martina McBride and blues rock bands like Led Zeppelin, we are introduced to a well-rounded sound that according to the Burlington Free Press, inhabits the dark side of Americana creating a “high-powered blues-Americana-rock” anchored by an atmospheric voice that pulls you in from its very first note. In her newest release, we witness both musical and lyrical versatility from the buzzing artist through dynamic vocal delivery and refreshing heart-on-sleeve storytelling. King’s live show crackles with energy and a devil-may-care attitude, earning her support slots for Blues Traveler in 2022, The Steel Woods in 2021, an official showcase at Folk Alliance International in 2022, performances at the 2020, 2021, and 2022 Philadelphia Folk Festival, a night at legendary Caffe Lena in 2022, and a main stage slot at Black Bear Americana Fest 2021. With many more tracks on the horizon, King is ready to end the year on a high note with new sounds fit for lovers of Americana, Country and rebellious Rock n Roll. Visit her on her website here for more info!

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