Meet Up & Coming Artist M.E. (Most Elevated)

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Meet Up & Coming Artist M.E. (Most Elevated)

Most Elevated, also known as M.E., is an artist that does not like to fit into one space, however, if she would like to describe her style, she would describe her style to just create energy that others can vibe with, and that she can execute her most authentic self in the process. M.E. currently resides in Huntington Beach but was born in Woodland Hills, later moved a lot as a kid, moving to places such as the I.E., L.A., and O.C., however, the root to her upbringing was in East L.A. As M.E. states, the inspiration behind her name, “…comes from wanting to feed the subconscious mind and remind One’s self to stay true to the highest version of self.”

M.E. Is currently just getting started when it comes to her career, currently being a work in progress but in time a master of the craft. She would describe her image as vibe, urban, creative, and juice; “You know what they say, it’s not what’s on you, it’s what’s in you.” Growing up, M.E. had music all around her, sparking her musical inspiration. Her dad and sister were always creating, recording, and doing anything music Sounds. Sounds/genres like the oldies, Latin/Spanish, 80’s funk, soul/r&b, and hip-hop. Songs such as “I Wonder If I Take You Home” by Lisa Lisa & Cult jam and Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith. “Amor Eterno” by Rocio Durcal. She adds, “I could go on…Needless to say having such an eclectic background is the real foundation to my creative upbringing. Good Music is timeless!” additionally, M.E.’s biggest motivation would truly be herself, to be a better, “M.E.” Overall having a positive mindset, being productive and proactive, staying true to her morals. Her family is also a big part of why she keeps moving and doing what she does; “When I make it; they make it.

M.E. Began her musical journey playing the clarinet for about 7 years, stating that she would help her sister write sometimes as well. Later to decide she fully wanted to pursue music when she joined the ‘Golden Age of Rap’ contest that artist Dizzy Wright held back in 2017. A highlight for M.E. would be creating the M.O.J.O music video because she was able to film at her family home before it was sold, having the video as a memento. M.E. further states the road to get here where she is at was not easy, stating that she has come across a lot of health issues that put a burden on her creative process; “Sometimes I don’t have the energy to think or even get up. It has prevented me from participating in more recording, photoshoots, videos, and other performance opportunities as well as basic life.” While M.E. continues on helping herself, she simultaneously helps those around her as well. As far back as she can recall, she has assisted her uncle, who was the president of the Garfield Alumni Foundation, in many activities. She helped fundraise to rebuild the auditorium after it burned. Additionally, she worked in concession, setting up events and facilitated in planning and executing events, as well as doing beach cleanups; “To me, giving back and helping others is a part of my basic morals.” She further mentions that in regards to her life in the next five years, states that she sees herself, “On a boat! Lol But seriously, still creating works of art and learning from some of the best.”

Whenever she is not in the studio, M.E. likes to do art projects as well as enjoy the beach and BBQs. Being outdoors is important to M.E. however, being productive with her work is still always what she is doing. Furthermore, the mottos in which M.E. lives are, “‘Carpe Diem’ Seize the day. ‘Semper Fidelis’ Always faithful, always loyal. ‘Memento Vivere’ remember to live. They are all in Latin because it is the ultimate battle language because we are in constant spiritual warfare.” M.E. currently writes all of her lyrics and her sister Kristen helps her with some of her production and fine-tuning, having her featured in some of her tracks as well. She later began to network with other talents such as Qwatts (@wattagestudiosLA) and BigBoyBiznis and a graphic design artist that goes by the name of @scaryboygfx. So far, M.E. has three contest tracks, one EP titled ‘Unmixed & Unmastered’ and her single “Sh3essh ft. BigBoyBiznis which is from her up-and-coming project ‘Work n Progress’. While her favorite track has yet to be released, her current favorite track would be “Food 4 Thought” because it was the first track she created from top to bottom, being responsible for the creative process, stating that this message is so relevant, and she wanted to continue to share her truth. When it comes to being an artist she finds the creative process the most enjoyable, to see nothing turn into something. When asked why people should listen to M.E. she stated, “… because there is a different message for everyone and this just might be what you were missing.” If she was to give advice to someone wanting to follow in her footsteps she says, “Don’t follow me, do what feels right to you.” Additionally, if she was to give one message to her listeners she would tell them, “…to stay true to themselves.”

M.E. Is currently working on “Work n Progress” dropping on July 11, 2022. Stay in touch with M.E. by following her on social media and be sure to stream her music now on streaming platforms!

Instagram : nomad_nat

Youtube: Natalie Colbert

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