Meet Rising Brooklyn Native DifferentCelebrity

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Meet Rising Brooklyn Native DifferentCelebrity

DifferentCelebrity is a rising Brooklyn, NY native, emerging onto the scene as a dedicated artist, producer and songwriter! He excitedly began dabbling in music by the mere age of 14, initially influenced by greats like Pharrell, Bob Marley, J. Cole, Rick James, and a handful of others. Fast-forward to adulthood, and right at the beginning of his new and improved journey as an independent recording artist, DifferentCelebrity is ready to put his foot on the gas. As he wears many hats under production, songwriting, and more, the creative jack of all trades is real to show the world the same amount of talent in his forthcoming discography.

Representing a genre-less approach, DifferentCelebrity has a passion so deep rooted for music that he wants to create music for all to enjoy. The Brooklyn-born artist truly attests that his new music is a breath of fresh air from the over-saturation the airwaves are currently facing — and he plans to bring change to that overall issue. For those new to DifferentCelebrity, be sure to keep up with him here to find new releases.

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