Meet Miami’s Finest: PSV Lee

On Air and TV Host

Meet Miami’s Finest: PSV Lee

The ability to create music along with his closest peers is the highlight of PSV Lee’s career: “Being in the studio with the friends I’ve grown up with making music is always a highlight. Over the years I’ve become a part of a small coalition that’s developed into a network of a bunch of local talent. That’s a highlight in its own way.”

When asked who is his biggest motivation? PSV Lee responded “Kendrick Lamar by far. Homie is a titan in the rap game. Moving how he moves and delivering his songs the way he does is sick!”

He officially started making music on June 18, 2021, and already has released his first song “25th Anniversary” on sites like Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube. A stepping stone that PSV Lee would always cherish because even the smallest victories add up in his eyes. In the future, he hopes to collaborate with other artists from Miami like Broward County and the city of Hialeah where PSV Lee grew up. He has new music on the way and you can check him out on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: psv__lee

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