Meet Jay Bo: Rising Alabama YouTube Creator

On Air and TV Host

Meet Jay Bo: Rising Alabama YouTube Creator

Up and coming YouTube influencer Jay Bo (@jadenbo5) is surely a personality that reality series fans can place on their radar for 2023. He came into the game hot in 2022, taking off with his debut vlog that highlights his day-to-day as a young stepper from Bessemer, Alabama. The first episode was based around his trip to Houston alongside his friends, which landed over 11,000 streams and counting in less than 5 months, all organically. His first attempt at his new passion was a definite success, which is now growing into a larger scale.

Since his debut, Jay Bo has been actively creating and promoting his quality vlog content on YouTube, TikTok, and beyond. His next plethora of vlog releases have included his fun day-to-day, alongside some special guest appearances and highlights from people like Kodak Black, Gucci Mane and a few of his 1017 artists, alongside a few others. With a vision clear as day and executing it step by step, Jay Bo is definitely going to be a renowned face within the media industry in no-time. Be sure to stream his exclusive vlog below:

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