Meet Independent Artist Melodic

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Meet Independent Artist Melodic

Melodic is an artist from Queens, New York who currently lives in Florida. As a talented artist who creates Rap, R&B, and Melodic Trap music, you could describe her sound as a whole vibe that you have never heard before. Melodic generates that feel-good music that you can play in your car or if you are trying to catch a good feeling. 

When asked if she could collab with one person in the industry who would it be, Melodic responded “Lauryn Hill, because who does she collab with really? It would be an honor. Or Jamie Foxx, I think we would great music. I would want to work with artists who retired and bring them to this new sound. A way to bring back the old R&B/Soul/Rap mix it with the new sound. Let’s do it! Do it for the culture! 

Melodic draws inspiration from her love for writing which started from watching Def Jam poetry. She was inspired by the creative way to speak a poem in a way that flowed with the music. A major accomplishment of Melodic’s would be receiving 11k views on one of her singles. She is getting ready to release her EP which is set to drop next week and in the meantime, you can check out her music on all streaming services!

Instagram: lovemelodictxo

YouTube: Melodic

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