Meet Independent Artist Big Grind

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Meet Independent Artist Big Grind

Big Grind is an artist from The Bronx who is very ambitious, hard-working, and passionate about his craft. With his genre being Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop, you could describe his sound as unique and storytelling. Big Grind remembers when he was 8 years old, he would write his little rap and that is where his love for music began. 

When asked why should people listen to your music, Big Grind responded “People should listen to my music because it’s different, it’s unique and I know that I’m speaking for so many people in this world and I know that people can understand relate to my music or it can help them in a positive way.”

Aside from making music, Big Grind loves to work out. He is a powerlifter, a strongman competitor as well as a Martial artist. He is currently working on his second album called “The Outcome”, and you can stream his music on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: real_biggrind

YouTube: Big Grind

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