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Written By: Alex Simani

Love Success and Progress (LSP) is what B-Rell a San Diego-based rapper who has been in the industry for a little over a year stands for. He started pursuing his skills during the COVID -19 quarantine that happened at the beginning of last year. Although his parents are originally from the South, he was born and raised in San Diego and is planning on staying out there because it’s too beautiful to ever leave. B-Rell is still an up-and-coming artist so he continues to hustle and grind daily. He hopes to display a cool, calm, and collected image to his audience. His biggest inspirations are Tupac, Biggie, Nipsey Hussle (May they rest easy) because they are the type of artists who can paint a picture with their music-making them relatable which is what he aspires to be. 

B-Rell is a hip-hop artist but he describes himself as versatile and feels like he can traction into slow jams or melodic songs to show a different side of himself and his capabilities. As his career continues he hopes to grow and progress, work on his brand, “L.S.P” where he just dropped his first designs. In the future, our San Diego rapper hopes to collaborate with J.Cole to make music “that will last.”

Important Interview Questions:

Who is your biggest motivation?

 My biggest motivation is my loved ones. I do it for them. My kids, my parents, my friends turned family. I hustle, I grind and I put my best foot forward every day for them. They keep me going. 

Wat are some of your favorite highlights/memories/accomplishments that you have from being in the industry? 

Hooping into the industry and really letting people know that I’m here. From the mentions, I’ve gotten from some dope artists like Eric Bellinger (won his verse contest to an open verse song and being posted on his page) to the game showing love and bumping my song and tagging me, to hopping on a mixtape hosted by Dave East. I felt like I definitely let people know that I take this music seriously. 

What community events have you contributed to and why is giving back to the community important to you?

Actually got one coming up on the 21st that we are performing for EXP realty and raising awareness on human trafficking. I and my cousin will be performing in downtown San Diego and giving out merch from both our brands and meeting and greeting. The city is finally starting to open up completely so we plan on doing a lot more events for the community. 

Lucky for B-Rell it has predominantly been a smooth ride into the Industry. Even with the couple moments where he wished it could have been different, he doesn’t count them as losses only lessons. In the next five years, he hopes to be more well-known and even mentor people who want to get into the industry. He aspires to be relatable in his music and hopes others will feel the same way. B-Rell is currently working on his album ‘Always Love With the Hate’ that will be dropping very soon. To stream and find his socials clock on his link tree but you can always find him on apple music and Spotify as well!

Follow B-Rell on Instagram @B_rell2 

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