Meet ANJEZA — the artist who’s making the feel good music we crave all year

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Meet ANJEZA — the artist who’s making the feel good music we crave all year

Imagine this: You are working all day- the assignments are piled up- your boss is upset and has just called you to his office, you are tired of it all. In your mind you are just searching for that magic button that can teleport you to a different place, most likely Caribbean: beautiful crystal waters, piña-colada, fun music, beautiful dancing, exotic fruits, fresh food. Yup, stay with me. I know what you need – an escape. 

Sometimes we have the luxury to physically escape to these places and some other times let’s just say is more convenient to do it mentally. Music has that magical power to make us cross oceans and mountains without moving, to feel good and forget our worries, to encourage us into believing in ourself, to make us fight for what we want, and the list goes on and on. 

I don’t know about you, but I am always searching for good music.

So when I heard of ANJEZA’s latest single, I binge listened to it thousand times, nourishing my escape. “Playa Y Arena” is one of the latest new singles from ANJEZA an Euro-American artist crashing walls in the Latin/Urban industry. “Playa y Arena” is a feature collaboration between Anjeza and Harryson, an international Billboard charted artist of Reggaeton music. The combination of Anjeza’s vocals with Harryson’s intrigue its listeners to escape into their favorite place and have a good time with their loved one. Music, dance, beach, hot summers, crystal blue waters, and good vibes are shown in the official music video, which was shot in Havana, Cuba. The music video reached 85,000 organic views in the first two weeks and was featured on one of the biggest influencer channel of  

“El Coreano Loco”

OfficialVideo :

The song is currently playing in major international radios in Cuba, Ecuador, and Usa. 

No matter where you are or what you are going through – you can greatly benefit by listening to “Playa y Arena”  from Anjeza feat. Harryson, and mentally escape for a playful ride at the beach, while having a good time dancing to this catchy tune with uplifting vibes. 

Anjeza is a fairly new artist in the Latin Urban Genre. She emerged in 2020-2021 after few years search of her artistic identity. She is outspoken, vibrant, electrifying, and uplifting- a true chameleon of talents. Singer- Songwriter- Dancer- Producer – Creative Director are only few of the many colorful hats she wears. 

To learn more about Anjeza and her excellent discography, visit her YouTube channel. You can also check her social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Music streaming on Spotify below.

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