Maxx Speaks Her Truth Throughout Her Music

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Maxx Speaks Her Truth Throughout Her Music


Maxx is an artist from Los Angeles who is definitely a triple threat. Her artist name Maxx was the name her mom had picked out for her if she were a boy which made her feel more connected to it. Her genre is Pop and you could describe her sound as dark pop, but she does also have some fun light poppy songs as well. Maxx gets compared to artists like Billie Ellish.

When asked who inspires her to create music, Maxx responded “Taylor Swift has been my biggest inspiration since she put out her first album. I admire her writing, storytelling, performances, her work ethic, her respectful personality and so much more. She has definitely helped me become the person and artist I am today.”

There have definitely been obstacles in Maxx’s personal life connecting to her music career. The things she writes about are very personal, open, and honest. She has many goals she would like to achieve but she would love to perform and sell out the Staples Center. Maxx recently released the visual for her single “No Good At Love” and you can stream her music on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: maxx.nies

YouTube: Maxx Nies

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