Las Vegas Artist Hope Is The Artist To Place Your Bets On

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Las Vegas Artist Hope Is The Artist To Place Your Bets On

Hope is an upcoming artist who is definitely making a name for herself in the music industry. Born and raised in Las Vegas, she is an artist who creates mainstream, Top 40, and Pop music with elements of Hip-Hop. As a singer and rapper growing up in the city that never sleeps, she knew that she was destined for this. Hope started making music when she was 8 years old performing cover songs and singing on the Fremont Street stage. From that moment on, she wanted to continue making music and pursue her dreams.

When asked where she gains inspiration from when working on new music, Hope responded “I definitely draw inspiration from other artists. A lot of times if I hear something or see something that’s really good, I get excited and start something or it gives me an idea to finish something I already have. It gives me that missing piece. I also draw from personal experiences a lot. I do my research and study the greats often though.”

A huge accomplishment of Hope’s is receiving a Billboard plaque for her single, “Try Me” peaking #23 on the charts and an iTunes plaque for peaking #4 on the charts. Her biggest motivation is her supporters, her team, and family – they all encourage Hope to keep making a difference. She is currently working on a single that is going to give a major throwback feels which she is super excited for. In the meantime, be sure to check out her music on all streaming services!

Instagram: iamthehopemusic

YouTube: iamthehopemusic

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