King Kold – An Artist That Makes Music For The People

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King Kold – An Artist That Makes Music For The People

King Kold is an independent artist who is ready to take his music career to the next level. What initially started off as a hobby, King Kold made music based on his life experiences and upbringing. Music is now one of his many passions but just wait, because he will be at the top very soon.

When asked where his musical inspiration comes from, King Kold responded, “My biggest musical inspiration comes from experiences that I’ve lived through, as well as other artists like XXXtentaction, Jaden, and Young Don, The Sauce God, Picasso, and Shakespeare.”

His career goals for the next year are to grow his following and to grow as an artist. King Kold’s biggest inspiration is his fans and supporters. They mean the world to him, and he appreciates them immensely. He currently has 12 singles out along with an out of all of his body of work, his favorite track is ‘Butterflies and Rainbows.’ The thing he loves the most about being an artist is feeling after dropping something new and seeing people love it. It’s intoxicating. 

Some advice King Kold has for someone wanting to follow in his footsteps is “As long as you stay true to yourself and consistent you can do anything and don’t let anyone tell you something different. The beautiful thing about life is that you can be whatever you choose to be. Your life is a book, and you are the author of your own reality.

A message he would like to leave with his fans is “I wouldn’t be where I am without you. I love and appreciate you all. You are my people and together we will conquer the world.” He is currently working on new music and in the meantime, you can check him out on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: King__Kold 

YouTube: King Kold

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