Kanise Delivers That Sassiness Her Visual “My Bad”

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Kanise Delivers That Sassiness Her Visual “My Bad”

Kanise is an independent artist from Tallahassee, Florida whose music is a reflection of herself. As an artist who is beyond talented and fearless with her lyrics, you could best describe her genre as Alternative Pop and Soul. She tends to gravitate towards more electric sounds with retro vibes. Not only is music a form of therapy for Kanise, it gives her the opportunity to connect to her listeners.

When asked what she loves the most about being a musician, Kanise responded “What I love most about being a musician is being able to take a story and create something tangible out of it that someone else might be able to relate to. I love writing and collaborating with other people and connecting with them. I also love performing. 

Her current single, “My Bad” has reached over 10,000 streams and debuted on the top 10 list with PopSmash Radio. By the year 2022, Kanise wants to have a song that charts high on billboard and making a living by doing music. She is currently working on her EP “Truth of the Matter.” In the meantime, be sure to check out her music on all streaming services!

Instagram: kingkanise

YouTube: king Kanise

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