Independent Artist Luxman Released New Project “The Quiet One”

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Independent Artist Luxman Released New Project “The Quiet One”

Luxman is a Hip Hop/Soul artist who gained his name from the luxury of having the finer things in life, but also the luxury of being comfortable in his skin and expressing himself. Music has always been a huge part of the Mayland natives life and decided to fully pursue music in 2019. You could describe his music as very timeless that will elevate your frequency.

When asked what he enjoys most about being a musician, Luxman responded “I enjoy freely expressing myself and creating good energy.”

So far, Luxman has released three singles. His favorite thus far is “Need You” which received over 219,000 streams on SoundCloud. He enjoyed the creation of the sound and recording in the studio. The meaning of “Need You” is feeling confident that you can get something accomplished without needing a lot of people. 

Aside from music, Luxman likes trying out new things, places to eat, and experience new things to get different perspectives. Luxman is currently working on a new project called the “The Quiet One” which drops this month and you can check out his music on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: luxman96_

YouTube: Luxman

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