Get To Know Independent Artist Marcus Troy

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Get To Know Independent Artist Marcus Troy

Marcus Troy is an artist from North Jersey who generates Neo Soul music with a touch of Hip-Hop and just overall feel-good music. As an artist who writes his own material, Marcus Troy gains inspiration from his personal experiences and surroundings. 

When asked what is one song or project that reminds him of a memorable moment in his life, Marcus Troy responded “One song off of this recent project that reminds me of something so special is a song called “Road to Riches.” Powerful song I created when my circle of friends was at its peak. Every link-up was magical and you can hear it in the lyrics just how special these dudes are and were to me at the time. Whenever I hear it, it just brings me back to that place. Reminding me of how important friendship is.. it’s crazy”

What Marcus Troy enjoys the most about being a musician, ist being having the ability to put himself out there and challenge that fear that we all face. I guess it cultivates your ability to become fearless.” He is currently working on releasing his project “Amazing Times” which is scheduled to drop this fall. In the meantime, be sure to check out his music on all streaming services!

Instagram: marcus.troy

YouTube: Marcus Troy Official

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