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Lady El’egance, the compassionate and innovative R&B artist reveals her ambitions, inspirations, and accomplishments. Born in Pensacola and raised throughout Navarre and Fort Walton Beach, Florida-native, Lady El’egance certainly has much to say through her artistry. Originally going by Lady ENT (Elegance of Natural Talents), she decided to replace the NT with El’egance. Inspired by artists such as Whitney Houston and Missy Elliott as a child, Lady El’egance established her style alongside being flexible when it comes to her soulful sound and participating in talent shows and choirs. 

[Speaking about Whitney Houston]: “I was 5 years old and was watching her music video. My dad heard me singing her song one day and wanted to hear me sing ‘I Will Always Love You,’ by her! 

She began writing music at the age of 15 although it wasn’t until last year that Lady El’egance started releasing her own music. Although only been in the music industry for a year and a half, Lady El’egance has achieved massive success. She made it to America’s Got Talent’s first round of auditions in front of the show’s producers and recalls that her favorite memory thus far has been collaborating with a videographer in creating the music video for her single, ‘I Am Queen’. 

“It was so much fun creating my dance moves and teaching my dancers what I created. It was hot that day but very worth it in the end.” She describes. 

Describing herself and close friends and family who are no longer here as her biggest motivation, she confides in how her path in the music industry hasn’t always been smooth. 

“It hasn’t been a smooth road at all. Starting this from the ground up has been tough but with each project, the finishing of each has been worth it. There are still obstacles I am overcoming. Learning everything on my own is a lot of hard work and notes to take.” She confides. Lady El’egance opened up about what she has learned in the music industry thus far, stating that she wishes she knew what all it took to get recognition for her music. 

“Getting it distributed is the easy part but getting people to share, stream, download is the hard part. Trying to find the audience that targets my music. People have their picks and chooses so it makes it a little difficult.” She explains

Lady El’egance urges people that may be following in her footsteps to pace themselves, to not be too harsh on yourself when it comes to learning more about the music business, and of course to not give up on themselves. She mentions that as an artist, you may be your harshest critic but that shouldn’t stop anything. 

The inspiring artist describes her sound as a mixture of R&B, Neo-Soul, and Gospel since she can experiment with the vocals and sound different within the realms of these genres on each track. Her song ‘Gods Favorite’ is her favorite gospel song she has out currently. After hearing and witnessing much from labels as well as loving and not wanting to change her style or sound, Lady El’egance has decided to stay an independent artist. 

Wishing to collaborate with artists similar in sounds such as Jill Scott, Kirk Franklin, Brandy, and many more, Lady El’egance also aspires to see people singing along to her music throughout the world and also begin engaging in motivational events. 

“It’s more than just the music to me. My main thing is motivating others to let them know, yes it gets hard but never give up because you don’t know what God is preparing you for. It may not make sense now but he will show you why you had to go through so much to make it to where you’re trying to go.” She mentions. 

As of right now, Lady El’egance has a total of 6 singles out. Her favorites are ‘I Am Queen,’ which is made to inspire and uplift all women and ‘God’s Love’. By incorporating her unique sound and sometimes rhyming, the independent visionary writes her own music and collaborates with producers Willie Blackmon with House Of Bars and CTown with Wamm Studios on creative sounds she finds on Beatstars. Aside from music she also plans on releasing a book named “Don’t Put Me In A Box,” which features multiple pieces of poetry from her. She is also currently working on the music video for her track ‘Boss Up’! In addition to this, some of her goals for this year include building a genuine fanbase that enjoys her music and creativity. 

As an artist, she enjoys the authenticity that can be produced and even imagined. By having a big imagination and unimaginable creativity Lady El’egance can take her ideas to a whole other world through music and corresponding videos. 

Outside of music, however, Lady El’egance enjoys working as an author and dancing. She lives by the phrases: “It is what it is,” and “A denial is just a delay for something better”. By finding positives in a tough situation, is a way to keep her going.  

She leaves readers with some words of wisdom: “Don’t allow anyone to tear you down and let you give up on your dreams. Remember why you do what you do. Pray, meditate, and go into every situation with a positive mindset. What is meant to be will be… BOSS UP!” 

Her music is currently available to stream and download on all music sites such as Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud etc.

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IG: AuthorLadyElegance & EricaRamey19

YouTube: ladyent1

TikTok: LadyElegance24

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