Forthcoming Duo the Chosen 1’s Share New Track “Dun It All”

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Forthcoming Duo the Chosen 1’s Share New Track “Dun It All”

New dynamic duo the Chosen 1’s drop some new heat with their first collaboration called “Dun It All”.  Both JMoney and the Crown Prince of Korea (musically known as KingLee) have their own distinct sounds, and are also a pair many won’t expect to see. Their authentic partnership makes their music even more enjoyable, placing the two in a golden category of their own. “Dun It All” is a replica of the energy both artists have individually, and with its upbeat yet soft-hitting vibe, the new single perfectly balances both of their originality out together.

This new single release is more than just a fun track, and is surely a reintroduction for JMoney in the airwaves. The ATL native is known for a few southern hits, and has always kept his career in motion even through his atrocities within the last 6 years — like almost losing his life and even beating cancer. KingLee’s unique addition to the Chosen 1’s is also intriguing, being Korean royalty, a successful businessman, and a newfound hip-hop artist as well. Both of their knowledge,  dedication and creativity together is definitely projected to be something big.

Be sure to have a front row seat and stream the new single here:

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