Elvis Sterling releases his highly anticipated EP ‘The Love Club’

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Elvis Sterling releases his highly anticipated EP ‘The Love Club’

Elvis Sterling seamlessly returns to the music scene to drop his highly anticipated EP entitled ‘The Love Club.’ This Santiago, Dominican Republic native has always had a strong passion for art. Elvis ended up investing his time and studied music at the Institute of Fine Arts. Establishing his own career within Urban Pop and Latin R&B genre with an open mind. Constantly creating music and turning his dreams into reality. At the age of 19 he release his first song titled “Te Fuiste Con el” as well as his second song titled “Malas Intenciones” which both songs opened several doors for him to continue with his musical passion. Undeniably an artist to pay close attention to.

I made this EP thinking about love and heartbreaks from past experiences. there’s also tracks talking about self- love and feeling powerful about yourself. in this project you will see different stages of falling in love. It’s like a building with different rooms and different floors. the more you go up the fast you might fall. You will see different scenarios in each song. Each song it’s a different world and a different perspective of how you feel at the moment. We should love, not fall in love, because everything that falls, gets broken. sometimes love is messy and uncomfortable. we should also talk about those uncomfortable moments, not only the beautiful ones and that’s what I’m expressing in some of those tracks. I love creating art from painful experiences and also from fulfilling moments of my life. this is why I called “The Love Club”

Check out his EP for ‘The Love Club’ and let us know what you think!

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