Don’t Forget The Name: Kick 5000

On Air and TV Host

Don’t Forget The Name: Kick 5000

The son of a hustler. Son of a risk taker. A well spoken, passionate artist. That’s how Kick 5000 would describe himself. After Kick’s mom passed, he would rap to cope with the pain. Over time, he got better at the game and started to become interested in his musical development. 

Kick 5000 makes music for fans of Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae. However, when writing and creating, he doesn’t think about genre but rather if he feels a song belongs behind a score in a movie. Accordingly, a dream collaboration would involve The Weeknd. As he continues forward in his career, Kick 5000 hopes to stay consistent, drop more music videos, and coach other artists for label purposes. 

Currently, Kick has three released albums and 10 singles. He is working on a single with Klass Money and another album as well. When we asked him why people should listen to his music, he responded with this: “I am as raw as they come. I make good content and timeless music. There are hidden gems all over my music where you can rewind and listen to for years.”

Stream his latest single “No Romance” on all music platforms and make sure to follow him on all his social media below!

Instagram: @kick_5000_music


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