Discovering Dark Pop Artist Emmanuelle June

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Discovering Dark Pop Artist Emmanuelle June

From Sweden, dark-pop artist Emmanuelle June presents us with haunting yet whimsical tales over experimental beats…and we’re here for it. Her keen ability for storytelling ropes you in while the complexities of her music keep you wanting more. Her new single “Stellar Babies” presents itself like a fairytale; it tells a tale of love that can only be captured in a dream. The relatable concept also feels psychedelic in its nature, as we as human beings often dream of the things or the people that we cannot have and therefore, can only come face to face with the person or concept during a dreamlike state. Inspired by a telepathic experience, Emmanuelle partners the songs moody vibes with impressive vocals while pairing with an occult-inspired visual aesthetic that we cannot stop watching.

“Stellar Babies” is the perfect combination of emotional yet spooky, right in time for end of summer vibes.

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