D$G Dae Shares 6-Track EP ‘Thanks, I Guess’

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D$G Dae Shares 6-Track EP ‘Thanks, I Guess’

At the root of all great music, there is one common denominator: Authenticy. That’s one of the many components that has helped DMV’s underground sensation D$G Dae (@dsg_dae) build an unwavering relationship with his vast audience. Since he released his 5-track LP, Draft Dae, in 2019 he’s been active! Giving his audience a slew of singles and popping up as a feature on other singles, always making sure that his presence is felt by delivering a top-tier performance. His latest album, ‘Thanks, I Guess’, just might be his most vulnerable project to date. Packed with his vibrant lyrical ability, he also pairs a melodic approach to his unique storytelling style. 

This time around, the Virginia-born rapper is wearing his heart on his sleeve. Inspired by a recent breakup, he chose to push his pen to new heights by crafting his entire album in one day. By doing this, listeners get a glimpse into what D$G Dae was going through in real-time. No gimmicks. No industry games or facades. The 6-track project features Leif and frequent collaborator, Curt. Throughout the album, it’s evident that while the heartbreak has had an effect on Dae, he doesn’t let it rattle him. D$G Dae is in full control of the project as he guides us through the transition from heartfelt hymns to uptempo braggadocious rapping providing duality.

On the track, “Shake His Hand/Lucky Hand” Dae recounts meeting his ex-flame’s new significant other all while he contemplates the feelings that he still has for her. Realizing that what they once shared is over, he can’t help but reminisce on what it was. “Just because we making love don’t mean we in love / I guess that kinda threw me off I thought that it was / and just because you give me head and stare in my soul / That don’t mean that we in love, I’m very alone / Brought too many bottles in this club, I carried you home / and wrote me some music, it’s apparent you carry these songs / If it wasn’t for your a**, I’d marry these songs,” raps D$G Dae as we get a glimpse into what was more-than-likely a toxic relationship. Maybe it was the right person at the wrong time but it is very apparent that love was there, even if it wasn’t always reciprocated.

The project’s outro — titled “Barry Sanders Freestyle” — sees him switch moods from the heartbroken melodies we’ve heard up to this point to a bar-filled freestyle with Curt

“How many M’s can we fit in this checking account? / How many friends turned opps? It’s a messy amount / How many plans you done made about asking me out? / Meanwhile, me & Curt done figured the recipe out, /How many bangers did I write up in Stephany house? / Probably enough to open up separate investment accounts,” he raps.

“N****, you stupid if you assuming the best of me out / Phone full of millionaires, wonder who texting me now / Kids worth millions, I might go the vasectomy route / My trajectory bout 25 million but it sound like a sketchy amount / I need a n**** who check the n**** that check the account,” Dae continues on his last verse to wrap up the project opting to end on a lighter note than what we started the tape on.

By the end of Thanks, I Guess it is clear that the breakup that inspired the entire project has turned into fuel that Dae has poured onto the fire that has kept him amongst the top of the unsigned acts in the rap game.  

Press play on the AOTY contender, Thanks, I Guess today!

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