Dark Pop Queen Valley Latini Releases Debut Project

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Dark Pop Queen Valley Latini Releases Debut Project

Musically inspired by the industrial sounds of Bushwick, Brooklyn, Bogota-born Valley Latini is excited to announce the official release of her debut project “Attention Lover”. Leading with a style that reflects on social issues, self-realization, introspection and boundary-breaking philosophies, “Attention Lover” delivers a sexy dose of authenticity for all lovers of high quality electropop. Consisting of eleven tracks, the EP offers a sensual and direct look at self care and female empowerment. Inspired by her whirlwind romances, the project proves refreshingly relatable, raw and real. Sonically, Valley is highly influenced by her religious background. In a transgressive way she chooses to combine said elements with contrasting themes like sensuality and divinity as a unified entity.

Visit Valley on Instagram HERE for more info.

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