Compton Artist Matik 2T is Just Getting Started

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Compton Artist Matik 2T is Just Getting Started

Music is all that he knows. It’s life. Matik 2T from Compton has the ability to sing to the ladies while also creating hardcore rap music. Matik 2T is inspired by artists like Drake, for his lyrical abilities, Tory Lanez for his diversity, and Kendrick Lamar for his cadence. Just like these artists, Matik 2T strives to create music for the masses. Matik 2T plans to make Billboard hits by not staying boxed in to a certain sound or vibe.

Matik 2T decided to follow in his musical family’s footsteps at a young age. He knew he was meant for music when he rapped over a beat that his older brother had engineered and produced. Matik 2T’s been on the music grind since the 6th grade when he recorded his first song, “My Shoes,” and passed his CD around the school to his classmates and teachers. Now, he is able to make a song to all types of beats due to being able to engineer his own music, himself. Matik 2T has even released three projects that he wrote, voiced, and engineered himself!

Matik 2T is here to change the game, not only with the talent he shows in his music, but also with the devotion he brings in enlightening and bettering his community. Back in December 2019, Matik 2T partnered with Taco Pete in Los Angeles in hopes of helping students realize their purposes in life. The student who sent in the best essay about reaching their purpose in life won $100! Matik 2T also started his own clothing brand, “Chosen FYP,” which stands for “Find Your Purpose.”

Currently, Matik 2T is working on two projects: his EP “Unleashed,” and a short film capturing the process of making the EP. Both of those projects are expected to be released within the next couple of months! As for now, stream and download his latest drop, “Most Hated,” which will make you wish quarantine was over and the clubs were open!

Follow Matik 2T’s journey on:

  • IG: @matik2t
  • Clothing IG: @chosenfyp
  • Youtube Channel: Matik 2T

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