Chicago’s Jssan Delivers Liberating New Hit “City of Mine”

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Chicago’s Jssan Delivers Liberating New Hit “City of Mine”

Brilliantly pairing honest, thought-provoking material with a danceable beat, Chicago’s Jssan delivers a liberating new hit that brings Chicago’s turbulence to the forefront. A tale that confronts the mixed feelings that so many Chicagoans have about their city, “City of Mine” celebrates its beauty without discounting its pain. Speaking from the perspective of someone who has been a witness to so many of the inner trials and turbulations of the windy city, Jssan channels his Nigerian roots by introducing a multicultural sound of Afro and Caribbean melodies.

Directed by TRIPTYCH VISUALS & Directed by Lawrence Mahone, the official music video offers fans an up close and personal glimpse of Jssan’s personality and we absolutely can’t get enough. His energy and star appeal are undeniable & the fact that he’s channeling his creativity into introspective tales that so many will be able to relate to is wildly refreshing. We look forward to more music from Jssan very soon!

Visit Jssan’s website here to learn more.

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