Cheflodeezy Serves That Realness

On Air and TV Host

Cheflodeezy Serves That Realness

Cheflodeezy is a Jamaican-born Miami rapper and trained chef who can deliver whether it is in is the studio or making a gourmet meal. You can describe his sound as rap, influenced by dancehall. Cheflodeezy started doing music as a kid and kept creating music throughout his life, but really started focusing on his craft over the past few years.

When asked if there was a song that reminded him of a happy or sad moment in his life, Cheflodeezy explained “On my mixtape, Kitchen Talk, I have a song called Decisions. One of the realest things I ever wrote and recorded.”

His biggest motivation is his family and his goals when it comes to his music is to continue to make great music that can and will connect with his listeners. He single, ‘Buck the Jack’ is set to release this Friday and he is currently working on dropping a single ‘Fucked A Killer’, which is set to drop in December. Be sure to stream his music on all music platforms!

Instagram: lodeezyofficial

Youtube: lodeezyofficial

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