Camouflage X Futuristic = Flaugeristic

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Camouflage X Futuristic = Flaugeristic

Written By : Alex Simani

Born in Oakland, California rapper Flaugeristic is making big waves in the music industry. His love and passion for music started at a young age when he spent ample amounts of time in studios. He describes himself as edgy but clean-cut and hopes to collaborate with Drake in the future. His biggest motivation is being the “voice for the voiceless.”

Although it hasn’t been a smooth road thus far, he has overcome every obstacle that has come his way. Being in the industry his entire life gave him the experience to do so especially being an independent artist. 

Flaugeritic has plenty of projects out that have been released over the years. He is currently working on his newest album, “Flaugesitive Vibes Only”, which he says is his favorite so far.

Currently, Flaugeristic is building up his fan base, learning more about the industry, and continuing to drop music to vibe to while increasing his streams!

To stream his tracks check out the links below!

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