Big Glizzy Delivers New Visual For His Track “IBAN” Feat. 1TakeJay

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Big Glizzy Delivers New Visual For His Track “IBAN” Feat. 1TakeJay

Written By: HeyShaylan

Up and coming Long Beach artist, Big Glizzy, is preparing for big things to come his way! With a flexible style, this hip hop creative doesn’t limit himself to one sound, “To be honest I’m so versatile I don’t know what genre or style I will have next year,” he quotes.  Mostly describing his sound as hip hop, the artist releasing music that’ll make the people dance.  

With driven inspiration from the women in his family, Big Glizzy recognizes the quality in good music, “They put me on a lot of older music that was amazing and their time.  Sometimes I sit back and listen to oldies to see how they used their voices and how they say certain words”, says the artist, “I pay attention to detail and got a good ear for music. I  know if my songs are weak or not. I’m my biggest critic”. 

Although he hasn’t been in the music game for long, Big Glizzy is catching up to speed on how to play it. “Everybody always starts off music one way and then they find their voice and style and run with it,” says the artist, “I’m just waiting on that lightbulb to click in my head where I will know what the fans want to hear all the time.” Big Glizzy also recognizes that image is just as important when standing on a platform. “I never wanted to  give off the image that I’m a gangbanger,” he says “I want little kids to be like Big Glizzy  so I gotta be a good role model and not give off negative energy.” 

With several goals such as a clothing line, creating music with artist Drake, and collaborating with the hottest producers, this superstar provides music that he tells his story. Big Glizzy assured us that there’s more to come with future projects he’s currently working on, so be sure to check him using the credentials below! 

Instagram: Bigglizzy_2 

Twitter: Bigglizzy_2 

YouTube: Big Glizzy 

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