Audentia Makes A Bold Statement In His Music

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Audentia Makes A Bold Statement In His Music

Audentia is an artist who is fearless when it comes to being his true, authentic self. His name comes from the Latin word “bold” and he feels that he implements boldness within his music. He was born in Livingston, New Jersey and now lives in Houston, Texas.

When asked how social media impacted your career in a positive way, Audentia responded “Social Media has helped me a lot because, to be honest without Social Media I probably would’ve been handing out CDs or something to be able to get myself out. However social media gave me that outlet to put myself out there not just me but every other artist.”

Audentia describes his sound as very versatile because he can switch from doing something very ambient to something very indie and pop then right back to Hip-Hop. He has released 13 singles but by far, his favorite track right now is “NightCrawler.” He is currently working on a new project and you can hear his music on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: audentia_dejesus

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