Atlanta Artist Kiko Blac Set To Drop Her Next Single “Sit Down” THIS FRIDAY!

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Atlanta Artist Kiko Blac Set To Drop Her Next Single “Sit Down” THIS FRIDAY!

Kiko Blac is coming into the music industry with a whole new vibe. The up-and-coming artist has a sound that’s cool, calm, hype, happy, raw, real, and most importantly UNBORTHERED! Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Kiko Blac now resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she has spent the past few years working and flouring into the artist that she is today!

“I always knew that Baltimore wasn’t big enough for my dreams.” She revealed, “I have always wanted more out of life than what I felt Baltimore could offer even if it is always going to be home. When I turned 18 I knew it was time, I craved to hustle and wanted make something out of myself. Where would be better than the Mecca of rap music?”

Kiko Blac has since been hustling and putting in the work to become the next break out artist. She admits her passion for music comes from the amount of creative expression that she’s able to explore through her music. In fact, the up-and-coming artist says her ability to express her emotions through her lyrics also serves as a therapeutic outlet.

Ultimately, she hopes her music impacts anybody who wants to live free and be themselves unapologetically. The independent artist shares the importance of having a connection with her fans is what matters to her the most.

“Honestly, the goal isn’t clout and fame.” Kiko explains, “I would be perfectly happy with my own loyal fanbase that enjoys the energy I bring on the track. But if I end up like Beyonce I won’t complain.”

This year, the independent artist isn’t here to play games! Kiko Blac is ready to show what she’s got with her upcoming single “Sit Down” which is set to be released THIS FRIDAY. Yes, the wait is over! New Music will be dropping this weekend and will be the first of many more tracks to come in 2021!

“Sit Down” OUT THIS FRIDAY! The Single Will Be Available on all Streaming Sites.

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