Anthony Pacheo Announces the Launch of Music Analytics Software PromoteKit

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Anthony Pacheo Announces the Launch of Music Analytics Software PromoteKit

Almost everything that relates to the music industry is done online nowadays and every move made leaves a trail of data. Finding that data, organizing it and using it to take careers to new heights is the future of music tech. Amongst the tech boom, it’s vital we pay attention to the companies that are making a sincere effort to put the needs of the artist first. Empowering musicians with the tools that they need to remain financially successful, independent of a record label, is vital in today’s market. By offering artists and managers an affordable option to access next-level music analytics, tech start-up PromoteKit fills a void by quickly and efficiently bringing data sources together under one easy-to-navigate umbrella. But rather than paying high monthly fees (or having to be privately invited) to analytics tools like Chartmetric, Soundcharts, and Wavo, PromoteKit introduces a tool available to anyone interested in taking their career to new heights.

By maintaining a career as an artist, musicians are treating themselves like a small business. Just like any other business, artists can use analytics to create a picture of who their listeners are and how to predict their habits. On the PromoteKit platform, artists can create dashboards to keep track of their listeners, email subscribers and fans. And unlike other popular analytics tools such as SoundCharts or Chartmetric, which focus on public-facing social and streaming metrics, PromoteKit will be focusing on artists’ deeper insights like ad platforms, email marketing platforms and SMS (coming soon). With everything living under one roof, rapidly-changing data can be easily accessed to observe artist growth and to study listener demographics while using organizational tools to keep up with their fans’ purchasing behaviors. Founded by Anthony Pacheco of simpl. music marketing, PromoteKit pushes the envelope to assist with next level marketing strategy. Having played in bands since his early teens (and even charting Billboard), Anthony’s perspective on the industry has helped both developing and established artists get to where they want to be. Now established as a well-known marketing guru on platforms like TikTok, Anthony’s past experiences working with Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and others, not only makes him qualified, but ecstatic to bring these experiences to the SaaS world. 

“Having worked in paid media and digital advertising in the music industry for the past 6+ years, the one thing I have encountered (at both the major label and indie artist level) is the lack of affordable and meaningful reporting tools. With PromoteKit, we strive to not only highlight surface level metrics for your artist projects (Spotify followers, monthly listeners, etc.) which are great, but we are also putting an emphasis on what most overlook: fan acquisition and data collection.” – Anthony Pacheo, Founder

Currently, PromoteKit supports Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and MailChimp data sources with plans to add plenty more of these in the future. Long gone are the days of logging into each and every separate account to observe artist growth; instead, PromoteKit streamlines omni-channel promotional analytics into one cohesive platform. By helping artists discover other KPIs such as popularity score, email subscribers, etc, PromoteKit’s ground-breaking technology allows for an outside of the box approach to high-level music marketing. As for what to look forward to: In the near future,  the delivery of in-house statistics will be based on a goal-oriented approach. By offering artist’s feedback on how their campaigns measure up to others of a similar tier, musicians will be given a keen perspective on their competition. Promotekit will also offer predictive analytics to calculate the future outcome of releases or events as well as machine learning to utilize predictors relevant to ad campaign and DSP performance, in order to empower the success of music marketing. PromoteKit introduces an undeniably refreshing resource for artists to take control of their careers by keeping up with the information they need to succeed long-term.

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