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Written by: Diana Matache

“Time is going to pass either way” is the motto that Ambrose Lucian lives by. He further explains that “you might as well live chasing your dream, instead of looking back one day and only seeing a nightmare. Time doesn’t care. It continues to go, so shouldn’t you do the same?”

And that’s exactly what he’s been doing: chasing his dream. Born and raised in Texas, Ambrose Lucian has been making music for over 10 years. However, he’s only recently started to release records and pursue a career within the industry. For years, Lucian felt out of place and couldn’t find himself as an artist. It wasn’t until he came across his stage name, which translates to everlasting sound and light, that he finally found what he wanted to stand for in music. 

When it comes to his image, Ambrose Lucian describes it as down to earth, as he takes great pride in writing lyrics that connect to people on a deeper level. Following the Hip-hop and R&B world, Lucian includes textured beats with LoFi vibes into his sound, as he loves to create atmospheric mood setters for the more chill and late night adventures. “I enjoy creating the art of music. I love how others can connect with the feeling and truly become a part of something that I created”, voices Lucian. 

Ambrose Lucian is an Independent artist. He has three released singles, with his favorite being “MidNite Drive”. Lucian is currently working on a new project that is set to release in 2022 and has a single coming out within the next few weeks. Whether you’re having a bad day or your heart was just broken, Ambrose Lucian has the music for you. As an artist, Lucian writes all of his songs from personal experience, which only confirms his authentic self.

In his interview with Angelia Churn of What’s Poppin LA, Lucian sent a message to his fans. “I want to say THANK YOU! Because of you, I am chasing a dream of making music my full time career with even more passion and intensity! I always strive to give my fans the very best that I have, and I am truly grateful for each and every one of you!”

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