Alt-Pop Artist JMSEY Confronts Performative Activism in “InstaHam”

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Alt-Pop Artist JMSEY Confronts Performative Activism in “InstaHam”

Confronting a bold but necessary topic, alt-pop artist JMSEY discusses the superficial nature of social media in his new hit “InstaHam”. In the cover art, you see him draped in an American flag, insinuating that many American influencers are at fault for talking the talk without actually walking the walk…and in 2020, this was at its worst. After experiencing one of the most politically tense times in our nations history, we as a society are very in tune to people’s thoughts and opinions on contentious topics and social media seems to be where everyone goes to speak their mind. But does that make a difference? Would it be better if people spent that energy by actually moving the needle if they truly want to make change happen? Being witness to the onslaught of keyboard warriors, it’s easy to feel jaded and like everyone prefers to be self indulgent rather than doing what needs to be done in order to make a difference.

We’re loving JMSEY’s punk rock energy on “InstaHam” and we hope you do too!

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