Ally Cocaine Releases Bouncy New Project “Pop Out”

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Ally Cocaine Releases Bouncy New Project “Pop Out”

Oakland native Ally Cocaine perfectly blends the best aspects of the Hyphy sound, today’s Cali rap scene, and unfiltered bad bitch energy for her new project Pop Out. Despite being only six tracks long, the project offers a little bit of everything for virtually any rap listener.

“Goer,” ft. Just Bang, “Well Connected”, and “Gangsta Party” with Yoty Benjii, are easily the most new school West Coast songs. All three songs showcase the spongey 808s and hollow drums that dominate Cali rap. However, Ally’s alpha female vibe and menacing lyrics add flavor to a formula that is at times repetitive.

Next, for the hyphy fans, is “Do$in,” a boisterous anthem that features none other than Too $hort and name-checks E-40’s “Tell Me When To Go” in one of the verses.

The other hyphy-influenced song on the tape is “Wake Em Up” which transitions from 90s hyphy to the early 2010s with a Sage the Gemini vibe.

Finally, “Jimmy Neutron” is probably the furthest from the beaten path for Ally stylistically speaking. The Space On The Beat produced record is a Detroit-style beat, but given the two’s chemistry and Space’s work with acts like Rio Da Yung OG and Baby Tron, the transition between the two rap styles was seamless. However, this is not a new phenomenon for the young rapper.

“I would best describe my music as versatile and unpredictable. I could be talkin’ some street shit on one record, hyphy the next and it might get hella freaky on another, shit I might be on something conscious my next joint,” Ally explained.
An aspect of this versatility includes the rapper’s aspirations for the future, especially outside of rap.

“I don’t want to rap forever,” she said. “I’m going to be more of a motivational speaker to use my voice and share my story. In addition, once I learn more, I want [to] get into artist development and become more of a resource for upcoming artists.”

Make sure you check out Ally Cocaine’s project below and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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